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But notice how every single guy has his butt hanging out? That would still be dumb but would make more sense than this. Much more exposure than the women.

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Following Blair's publishing of the photos, the series quickly went viral on the internet and gathered a variety of reactions. On March 10th,Magic: The Gathering player Sid Blair uploaded an Imgur album [1] of a series photos he and his friends took at Grand Prix Richmond, one of the biggest Magic: The Gathering tournaments of all time, a day earlier, showing Blair doing the prison pose in front of a series of unaware players who had their buttcracks exposed. Following the release of the photos, the gallery quickly went viral on both Reddit and outside.

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Funny, this must disgust you a bit, sometimes it truly disgusts me if it is a man or extremely unattractive woman. It is very common with those who have a gut, it keeps one from pulling your pants up enough and is always pushing them downward. It is often called plumbers crack because they are often bent over under the sink, often heavy and getting up and down often causes them to fall, they are focused on their work, constantly adjusting their pants distracts from their work.

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My 14yr old son wears sagging trousers and I don't see what the big deal is. He isn't hurting anybody, he is a clean-cut guy, but he just likes to sag. I think the town of Flint, MI has far bigger problems to worry about than the sagging trousers of its youth I don't love them, but who are they hurting?

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I have truckloads more Candids if you want to see more of the people I notice. See where this picture was taken. Watch a video of this magnificent sport being played here: www.

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So they've been working on the Crown, where our station is located. Seeing guys walk around outside on the 23rd floor is strange. Normally the only thing we see walking out there is birds.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Yesterday my wife and I are sitting at a table at a cafe, having coffee and chatting, when my wife suddenly gets wide-eyed. I look over to where she's looking and see a guy sitting on a bar stool at the bar facing the wall with about inches of butt crack hanging out.

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Sign up or log in to share. It depends on the girl, and the situation. If it's my girlfriend, and a hint on thong shows while she's reaching for something, it's sexy.

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UFC - Sat. Thread Title Search. Kid Crucial.

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Many an angry suffragette or feminist has cast a proverbial stone or disgusted glance at a sloppy, slovenly plumber. No one knew. Not even the earliest Roman plumber, in a show of righteous lazy indignation would bring about such a scandal in the centuries to come.


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