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That movie was an even bigger hit than the original. I had to prepare myself. I'd start to work out and exercise to be in shape for the picture.

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After a hard day at the sperm bank, Lieutenant Frank Drebbin empties the champagne bottle down his trousers. Asked about the difference between American and British comedy, Eric Morecambe replied that in America they had funny lines but no funny men. I sort of know what he means: A funny man is someone an audience is happy to hang out with even when the funny lines are thin on the ground.

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Detective Frank Drebin's outside his Los Angeles police precinct, squeezing off shots into the receding backside of his own car. How this came to happen almost defies description. Having driven his Ford Crown Victoria into a couple of bins outside the building, Drebin stumbles out, seemingly oblivious to the airbags going off inside.

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In the yearthe movies were great. Greater than usual. Blockbuster or indie, rom-com or action thriller, there was something indelible about so many of them.

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But much to my surprise, the opening sequence had me laughing hysterically with a parody of the famous "steps" scene from Brian De Palma's "The Untouchables. An array of baby carriages roll down a huge stairway as a slow-motion shootout begins over them, then a runaway lawnmower is chased by a gardener, followed by a series of celebrity entourages and finally, disgruntled postal workers. Then, as the carriages hit the bottom of the stairway, the babies fly out, with O.

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The saying goes there are no small roles and profiled in this post is one of those occasions where that was certainly proven to be true. Plenty more visual gags are included and Stephanie has a fully formed character arc. Nervous at first and lacking confidence as a learner driver Stephanie faces a challenge, comes through it a changed person and then even proves victorious in an ultimate showdown.

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The character of Lt. Rumack became so popular among the fans of Airplane! And the characters were many, from as many movies, most of which were little more than frail attempts at paying spiritual homage to The Naked Gun.

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A film Spin-Off of Police Squad! Frank Drebin Leslie Nielsen as he continues to get into trouble. The films serve as parodies of the cop genre and initially film noire, and let nothingincluding the blatant warping of reality and breaks in the fourth wallget in the way of a good gag.

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Now, let's grab a bite to eat. Of course, it all turns out to be a dream A mood-breaker even Drebin can spot.

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Paramount Pictures. On paper, it sounded like a terrible idea — a feature-length version of a TV series whose ratings were so low it was cancelled after six episodes. Although Leslie Nielsen died inreboot rumors have popped up from time to time. Can any new installments possibly live up to the legacy of their predecessors?


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