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Butt hair: We all have it. But what does that floof between your cheeks actually do? Turns out, your inner butt hairs are basically pubesjust in a different location.

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I'm a girl and as we all know, girls can have hair in their buttcracks too but are expected to shave them. Now let's be real here. No one, not even me, will wax their asshairs regularly.

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In reality, women are just as gross as men when it comes to bodily functions: we burp, we fart, and we poop. And surprise, surprise, we have body hair! Most women have some sort of butt hair. It may be thin and peach-fuzz-like, or it may be thicker and more coarse, like pubic hair.

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It's funny that hair can be SO stigmatized. We can talk about head hair until the cows come home, and we can shout about eyelashes and on-fleek brows from any mountaintop. So we're about to rip the bandage off and get real about a type of hair that never gets any love these days: butthole hair.

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If you find yourself wanting to remove the hair on your butt, there are several good options available to you. Waxing, the most popular choice, will last a long time and is quick, but it's also a bit pricey. Shaving is a great way to remove those hairs at home and is cost-efficient.

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We talk about shaving crotches a lot. We talk about shaving butts a little. What is rarely discussed is the delicate, perhaps artistic skill set required to shave the anus itself.

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Back in the days of the cavemen and even farther back than that, both men and women had hair covering their entire body just like our ancestor apes. Hair covered our face, head, back, front, top, bottom, inside our ears, nose, genitals and buttocks as well. Apes needed the hair to keep them warm when it was cold and since they never figured out how to make clothes, their hair never went away. As man began to wear clothes and fashion statements became more prevalent, our hair began to recede until it eventually just covered our head and pubic areas for the most part.

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Sign up or log in to share. I had one Girlfriend like that and we used the hair removal cream on her cheeks together and it worked great. We took out time with it.

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Body hair isn't exactly a sexy topic, but because it's not something that's so frequently discussed — and is so often stigmatized — many women feel uncomfortable dealing with the hair they have on their body. In fact, there may be some "weird" places you have hair that are actually totally normal, but thanks to all that secret hair removal and shame surrounding body hair, you might not realize you're not alone. Body hair is common, even if it's places other than your legs or your armpits. Everyone has varying amounts of body hair, and this has to do with your ethnicity, sex, and family history, according to dermatologist Dr.


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