Wide hips and pregnancy

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We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. Human Body Wide hips are considered a sign of fertility and ease of birth - do we have any evidence to support this? Wide hips are considered a sign of fertility and ease of birth - do we have any evidence to support this?

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Women with wide hips have more sexual partners, purports a new study making the rounds in the media. The explanation? Perhaps these women are less anxious about giving birth, because of those childbearing hips.

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And odds are that she might be envious of you! So just embrace your bump for being perfect as it is. No correlation I think.

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Hey ladies ftm here. I know our hips expand during labor but I assumed they would gradually go back to normal postpartum. I am close to 4 months pp and even though I'm somewhat close to my pre pregnancy weight my jeans are about 4 inches from closing. Are my wide hips a permanent change??

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How can his baby come out of me? But just think about this: no-one could suggest that the Duchess of Cambridge has childbearing hips, yet she managed to give birth naturally to a baby who weighed a very healthy 3. Yes, it is clearly possible.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. Cory Stieg.

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Can raspberry leaf tea really bring on a quick delivery and is giving birth easier for women with big hips? Is it fact that babies born in autumn live longer than spring time babies and can a spoonful of castor oil really ease labour? To separate fact from fiction, femail.

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Among the facts so widely assumed that they are rarely, if ever studied, is the notion that wider hips make women less efficient when they walk and run. For decades, this assumed relationship has been used to explain why women don't have wider hips, which would make childbirth easier and less dangerous. The argument, known as the "obstetrical dilemma," suggests that for millions of years female humans and their bipedal ancestors have faced an evolutionary trade-off in which selection for wider hips for childbirth has been countered by selection for narrower hips for efficient locomotion. A new study, however, shows that what was widely assumed to be fact is, in actuality, almost entirely incorrect.

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Declaring that someone has "childbearing hips" is one of those creepy compliments that just doesn't quite sit right — like saying someone looks "fertile" or calling someone a "natural" beauty. Most of the time, when people say "childbearing," they mean to remark on the size of a person's hips. But are some people's hips literally built better for carrying and birthing a baby?

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Aside from the whole growing-a-baby thing, hair sprouts in weird placesyour skin stretches in ways you probably never thought were possible, and your boobs usually go up a cup size or two, seemingly overnight. While these kinds of changes can be temporary, pregnancy can also impact your body in more permanent ways. Check out her full Facebook post here:. Here are the most common changes:.


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