The production of sperm

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The key male reproductive organs include the testes, epididymis, urethra, vas deferens, prostate gland, seminal vesicle, and penis. The testes are composed of coiled structures called seminiferous tubules, which are the sites of sperm production. The structure on top of the seminiferous tubules in the testes is the epididymis.

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Semen is a substance produced by the male reproductive organs. It is composed of spermatozoa in a semi-viscous fluid. Structures within the male reproductive tract that are involved in the production of semen include: Testes and epididymis Prostate Seminal vesicles Bulbourethral gland Semen is produced as a combination of secretions from the different regions of the male reproductive tract.

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Unlike the female genitaliathe male reproductive organs are on both the interior and the exterior of the pelvic cavity. They include:. Sperm production occurs in the testicles.

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Unlike a woman who will have around mature eggs throughout a lifetime, which can be released from the follicles in the ovaries and potentially be fertilized, a healthy man will produce billions of sperm in his entire lifetime. All the sperm production and maturation take place in the lumen of the seminiferous tubules of the testis as shown in figure 1. Within the walls of these tubules the sperm cells are produced and matures.

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Semenalso called seminal fluidfluid that is emitted from the male reproductive tract and that contains sperm cells, which are capable of fertilizing the female eggs. Semen also contains other liquids, known as seminal plasmawhich help to keep the sperm cells viable. In the sexually mature human male, sperm cells are produced by the testes singular, testis ; they constitute only about 2 to 5 percent of the total semen volume.

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AUS — The production of sperm is more biologically taxing than previously thought, a new study with crickets proves. The researchers used the Australian cricket, Teleogryllus oceanicus, to prove that the production of quality sperm is expensive and males are strategic about investing energy in the biological process. Dowling says investigations into life history trade-offs—investment in reproduction versus future reproduction and survival prospects—have historically focused on females.

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Sperm is the male reproductive cell. In the types of sexual reproduction known as anisogamy and its subtype oogamythere is a marked difference in the size of the gametes with the smaller one being termed the "male" or sperm cell. A uniflagellar sperm cell that is motile is referred to as a spermatozoonwhereas a non-motile sperm cell is referred to as a spermatium. Sperm cells cannot divide and have a limited life span, but after fusion with egg cells during fertilization, a new organism begins developing, starting as a totipotent zygote.

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Sperm production is hormonally driven. Brain hormones govern sperm production and are precisely controlled. The hypothalamus secretes gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRHwhich acts on the anterior pituitary gland, stimulating it to release follicle stimulating hormone FSH and leutinizing hormone LH.

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The production of sperm -- otherwise known as spermatogenesis -- generates more than 1, sperm per second in normal males. This productivity comes, in part, from a special cell type called the spermatogonial stem cell. The staying power of this stem cell has allowed many celebrities, including Robert DeNiro and Pablo Picasso, to father children after the age of


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