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On a freckled slip of a girl barely 5-foot-2, Natalie Dove's white gloves look cartoonishly large, like super-puffed marshmallows. But as they slam into her father's padded palms, sure and fierce, nobody at Philly's Next Champ in Bustleton is laughing. Nobody'd dare.

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The Irish beauty used to strut her stuff at Bellator MMA events and managed to live the high life as a result. Bellator is UFC's smaller counterpart but for girls who get a shot at the sport's biggest events, the sky can be the limit. Exotic modelling shoots, private jets and partying with stars are all regular activities for ring girls of today.

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These days more girls are jumping into the ring. Boxing is a different sport than most, she says. It takes a lot of heart and determination to stick with it.

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Fri 14 Jul Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congois a city that lives and breathes sport. It is a largely patriarchal country, with women responsible for domestic work and absent from most positions of power.

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Academics from Harvard University and Emmanuel College in the US looked into how boxers and tennis, table tennis or badminton players reacted at the end of a match. They found that men spend significantly longer touching their opponent than women — particularly after boxing when they would maintain contact for more than twice as long. However other researchers have concluded that women are better at cooperating than men, who focus more on competition.

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Stewards are tasked with making sure crowds aren't too rowdy, ensuring things don't kick off, and helping people get to their seats. There are also the ticket guys who get you in quickly and efficiently, so that you can find your way and get prepared. Similar to Grid Girls in the likes of Formula 1 and other races, they're hired as models to parade advertisement boards and fight round numbers.

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Why should there be a half naked woman in the ring when two top female athletes are competing? While women should be perfectly free to be ring girls if they so choose without being dismissed or insulted as bimbos, sluts, or whatever insult is thrown at women who are seen as having a purely ornamental role in our society, the fact is that their role was created to be pure eye candy in an age when only men were stepping into the ring or the cage. And women who have literally and figuratively fought to be on the other side of that equation are bound to feel a little uncomfortable when their work, which is arguably much harder and far less encouraged by society, is juxtaposed against the comparatively simple and disproportionately rewarded work of the conventionally pretty women generally employed to hold cards and look hot. The ring boy, or dude, is a relatively simple good will gesture that can help to tackle a complex problem.

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Earlier this year, her mother posted on Facebook after she claimed the district did nothing to stop the bullying her daughter was experiencing at school. The amount of anxiety she has in the morning to go to school is catastrophic. No year-old should feel this way.

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On April 11, shortly before Premier Boxing Champions went live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, two ring girls hit the buffet line in the pressroom. They wore sparkly white Corona shorts and sparkly blue Corona bras, and their tans matched perfectly, like a terra-cotta glaze. During boxing matches, they carried numbered cards around the ring, alerting fans to the upcoming round while the fighters rested in their corners.